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For Your FEET
Foldable Flats are the essential shoe for the girl on the go.  Comfortable and convenient foldable flats
that go where you go, and stow away in a stylish matching clutch.  Simply roll them out for instant
comfort, ease, and style!  The perfect companion for travel, formal events, around the office, dancing
and nightlife, and maternity comfort.
Comfortable and Fun fuzzy slippers with resistant soles, lots of


Change your   Look - Not your sole.  Switchflops is an exciting  summer concept where you buy your flip
flop sole, (brown, black, tan or healed) and then buy changeable straps that attach to the flip flops.  
Many exciting styles and looks.

Pick a Sole                  Add a Strap    

Miche Bag

One Bag ... many possibilities

3 Simple Steps:

Step1: Gently detach shell from base

Step 2: Place new shell under base

Step 3: Fold up and voila

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Handbags, Totes & Wallets
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