S.T.A.M.P.S. - Interchangeable Watches

Embellish Your Story - Magnetic words, Boards and frames with hand painted metal art can embellish
a variety of bases: Wall Words, Memo Boards, Frames, Buckets and even you own refrigerator or metal
door! Add magnetic embellishments to your bases as a means of personal expression, and easily
change them to express the joy of every celebration, every holiday, every season, and every story.

#1 Select a Base       +     #2 Choose Your Words   =     #3 Embellish Your
                                        and Decorations                    Story

   Unique charm jewelry hand crafted in the USA with thousands of
beautiful charm combinations.  Use on Necklaces, bracelets, wine
charms, and much more....

     Vera Bradley

           Mocha Rouge                                 Sunset Safari

          Happy Snails                                   Plum Petals
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BRAND NEW! STAMPS - A fashion accessory of
interchangeable watches. With over 200 interchangeable
faces and an assortment of bands and accessories to mix and
match allows for multiple looks to match anyone’s style. Stop
by Cozy Corner Furniture Gifts to take a peek:)